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    About Würth Gulf

    Würth Gulf

    Würth Gulf is part of the Würth Group. We are the supplier of Fasteners, Automotive Chemicals, Hand Tools and Electrical Supplies also Construction Assembly items, Sealants, Power Tools and Safety Solutions. Established in 2000, Würth Gulf FZE is one of the leading suppliers in the Middle-East. Existing industrial companies and developing organisations alike can benefit from the unparalleled selection,quality and unbeatable service that is synonymous with the Würth brand.


    Auto Division

    Car Division

    Our customers are car garages, vehicle fleets, automotive refurbishes and dealers. They include authorized dealerships of car manufacturers and independent workshops as well as special shops and service providers. The products sold in this customer segment range from consumables for repairs to chemical-technical products for maintenance, servicing and bodywork, and tools for pneumatic and electrical machines.

    Cargo subdivision

    The customers of the Cargo subdivision are authorized dealers and independent workshops as well as specialized workshops, freight forwarders and transportation companies, public-sector utilities and waste disposal companies, as well as companies from the agricultural sector. We mainly sell fastening, assembly and cleaning products required especially for the maintenance, repair and servicing of commercial vehicles in these segments.


    Construction Division

    The Construction Division encompasses all sales units responsible for serving customers in the building and civil engineering industry and finishing trades. Marketing activity focuses on construction companies, roofers, plasterers, stucco masons, dry construction firms and direct supplies to building sites. Customized logistics solutions are also provided, such as equipped material deposits directly at the construction site



    Metal Division

    Metal Subdivision

    This subdivision directly serves customers in the metalworking and metal processing industries such as metal and steel fabricators, fitters, machine and vehicle manufacturers. The Metal subdivision focuses on the provision of anchor and dowel systems, tools and electrical machines as well as DIN and standard parts for working and processing various metals.

    Installations Subdivision

    The Household Technology subdivision concentrates on electricians, gas, heating and water installation firms, plumbers as well as air conditioning and ventilation system firms. The products offered here range from rapid assembly systems, insulating materials for plumbing and cable laying-out systems to installation materials in the electrical area.

    Metal Subdivision

    This subdivision addresses a wide range of customers: in-house repair shops of industrial enterprises, facility and installation maintenance of hotels, airports, sewage plants, clinics and hospitals, theaters, recycling companies as well as garden and landscape specialists. The focal point is a complete product range for minor repairs and products for servicing, maintenance and care.


    Industry Division

    The Industry Division companies are specialized companies with a complete range of assembly and connecting materials for industrial production as well as maintenance and repair. In addition to the comprehensive standard range offered by these companies, their strength lies in customized, logistics concepts for supply and service.


    Wood Division

    The Wood Division serves customers in the entire woodworking and wood processing trade, typically joiners/carpenters and window makers (wood and vinyl) and window fitters. The product spectrum covers furniture fittings, the entire range of fastening materials and sealing technology as well as tools, machines, abrasives and chemical-technical products.




    Our Product Range

    More than 100,000 Products

    We have all sizes and dimensions that are suited to the needs of our customers in industry and trade. Würth offers you as our client a comprehensive product package - all in one solution..

    ○ Service and systems
    ○ Chemicals Technical Products
    ○ Fasteners / Fittings
    ○ Concrete Anchors and Fixings
    ○ Fire Protection Systems
    ○ Material Processing
    ○ General Tools / Equipment
    ○ master ® Power Tools
    ○ Workshop/Garage Equipment
    ○ Orsy®Assortments and Workshop Equipment
    ○ Personal Protective Equipment
    ○ Construction Accessories
    ○ Anchors and Fixings
    ○ Electrical
    ○ Automotive / Cargo Accessories and Spare Parts
    ○ Lubricants and Degreasers
    ○ Hand and Power Tools
    ○ Sealants and Adhesives
    ○ Sanitary